Professional tailor’s scissors KAI

Tailor’s scissors “KAI”

Japanese KAI scissors are made of high quality materials with the edge of micro teeth. Clean and easy to cut soft and porous materials. Tailor’s scissors for cutting fine textiles, leather, rubber and other materials. The handles are made of softened neoprene.

• Blade length: 10.5 cm

• Overall length: 25 cm (10 “)

• Weight: 196 g

• Scissors come with a protective blade case.

• Code: MKZ KAI


• Tailor’s scissors “KAI” 7300

• Professional cutting scissors

• Unique duplex shutter system

• Hardened stainless steel blades

• Elegant matte finish

• Extremely long edge life and high cutting efficiency

• Ergonomic soft grips for comfortable operation

• Made in Japan

• Scissors come with a special box.

• Code: MKZ 7300