Najlonski spiralni rajsferšlus naslovna

Nylon (spiral) zippers

The characteristic of spiral zippers is great reliability and durability.

The best sellers are:

  • indivisible spiral zippers of 18cm and 20cm
  • 80cm divisible spiral zipper

Depending on the width of the spiral, we have several types in our offer
nylon zippers:

  • TYPE 3– spiral width 3mm
  • TYPE 4 – spiral width 4mm
  • TYPE 5– spiral width 5mm
  • ZOOL ROLLERS – spiral width 5mm
  • ZOOL ROLLERS – spiral width 3mm
  • ROLLER ZIPHER LOCKS TYPE 8– spiral width 8mm
  • ZOOL ROLLER ZIPPERS – 10 spiral width 10mm

This type of zipper is most commonly used for
jackets, tracksuits and sweatshirts.

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