pink skuba

SCUBA – sale

Colors on sale: black, dark green, min green, pink, apricot and brick orange.
Scubais used both for sewing tight-fitting models, which follow the body line, and for wider cuts that keep the shape. In addition, you will find hoodies, suits, jackets, coats and evening dresses from the service.

Scuba is easily maintained by washing in cold water. It is not crowded, so ironing is not recommended. Also, it is not suitable for dry cleaning, because chemicals can damage it. It is best to leave the washed scub to dry in the shade. It has a very long life and looks like new for a long time.

For sewing this material, it is best to use a jersey needle with a blunt tip and set the machine to a larger stitch. Its most important characteristic of elasticity and the ability to return to its original state reduces the possibility of damage during sewing. Another feature that does not fringe allows you to sew easier and faster without hemming.