kese sax


Packing bags – more dimensions
Durable, quality bags for packing ready-made garments
• Packing: 1000 pieces

Bags 20×24 + 5cm, item code: KESE20
Bags 23×25 + 5cm, item code: KESE23
Bags 25×30 + 5cm, item code: KESE25
Bags 27×35 + 5cm, item code: KESE27
Bags 29×35 + 5cm, item code: KESE29
Bags 32×40 + 5cm, item code: KESE32
Bags 35×40 + 5cm, item code: KESE35
Bags 40×45 + 5cm, item code:KESE40

Packing bags with logo
We make bags with the logo in the sizes and colors of the print according to your request.
The minimum for ordering a bag with a logo is 5000 pcs.
The thickness of the bag (in microns) is determined by agreement!

Transport bags
Black JUMBO transport bag
High quality and durable bags for transporting goods.
Dimensions: 50cm x 97cm + handles
Article code: KESEcrne